Stay within walking distance of Meran’s centre and sights

Discover the top attractions in Meran

Thanks to its Mediterranean climate and thermal waters, Meran has been attracting visitors from all over the world for centuries, including prominent guests such as Empress Sissi, Franz Kafka and Rainer Maria Rilke.

The town’s thermal baths uphold this tradition to contemporary standards, with impressive architecture, numerous pools and saunas, and well-rounded wellness, health and fitness programmes. This, however, is just one of the many attractions Meran has in store… discover them all!

Meran’s landmarks

Much beloved by 19th-century visitors, the sunny Tappeiner and Passer promenades still enjoy great popularity in every season. Kurhaus, the impressive Art Nouveau building overlooking the Passer promenade, is a renowned venue for concerts, conferences and other events.


Walk to Pfarrplatz square to reach two other top sights: St. Nicholas’ Church and the Palais Mamming Museum, a baroque palace housing the collections of the Meran City Museum.


Nearby, the Laubengasse street with its historical arcades and diverse shops – including everything from international fashion brands to local handicrafts and from bookshops to delicatessens – provides the perfect setting for a spot of retail therapy.

A land of flourishing culture

The botanical gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle are one of the top sights Meran has to offer. With over 80 different garden landscapes, they are home to an incredible variety of species from all over the world, which never fail to enchant visitors from near and far. The castle itself houses another attraction: Touriseum, a museum dedicated to the history of tourism in South Tyrol. 


The town theatre, with its impressive neoclassical façade, is located between the Freiheitsstraße street and the Theaterbrücke bridge. It was inaugurated in 1900, and still delights theatre and music lovers with first-rate plays and concerts all year round.


Other sights include the Women’s Museum, offering insights into the role of women throughout the centuries, the Kunst Meran /Merano Arte art gallery with its ever-changing exhibitions, and the Prince’s Castle, where history buffs and fans of the Middle Ages can admire an interesting collection of weapons, among other things.